What is Drops?

Drops is an web-AR platform that allows you to send a virtual AR message to anyone. Without the need to install an app.
It's great for music & product launches. As well as civic & geofenced experiential engagements.
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What is in a Drop

Audio, Music & Video

Include Spotify, Soundcloud & Drops hosted media

Multiple Polygon Scenes

Integrated with Sketchfab, create virtual gifts that delight.

Custom Messages

Add messages to each Drop scene to tell your story


Geofence 📍
Link out 🔗
Customize 🎁

Hire us for your custom project

Clients include Havas, Universal Music Nashville, the Milwaukee Business Improvement District, Luke Bryan and Bridge 32 Restaurant, and Atlanta's own, Jeezy.

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It's Web-AR! Simple, Accessible, shareable, marketable, and trackable.
Linkable: Use AR to promote a deeper experience.
Location-enabled: Create geofences to drive exclusive engagements.
Streaming: Soundtrack AR experiences with Spotify, Soundcloud or Video
Measurable: Metrics like Time-Spent make a provable difference

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